About Brenda Soucy

As a Transformational Life Coach…

Brenda began her personal growth journey in 2017. After experiencing professional and personal challenges, she realized to get the transformation and inner strength she desired, she would need to invest in personal growth. She began her training with the Prosperity of Life Personal Development programs and continued her learning journey with John Assaraf, Neurogym of the Mind and its Neurology, as well with Mary Morrissey and her DreamBuilder program. Through this journey, Brenda found a life she loves to live for!

She strongly believes in the power of utilizing one’s mind to transform one’s life, so she started to transform herself one step at a time and continued to enrich herself by attending other programs such as; “Brave Thinking” Program by Brave Thinking Institute, Tony Robbins “Mastery University” Program certified at every level and became a Licensed Certified Life Transformational Coach by the Brave Thinking Institute.

Brenda Soucy
Brenda Soucy

Brenda invested in her family’s personal growth and her own. Through her own changes, a new world opened up to her. Her mission is to accompany others transforms their lives through the teaching of proven life strategies via virtual coaching one on one or with groups.

We have new clients joining the SoulLife Adventure family on a regular basis and I appreciate the trust they have shown me in helping them be empowered to become the best version of themselves.

What I believe about my clients

  • I know and believe, the Power within our client is far more powerful than any circumstance or condition they are facing.
  • I know and believe, that our client’s past does not determine their future. Their ‘story’ does not define our client or their Infinite potential.
  • I know and believe, that there is a dream in every client’s heart seeking to be expressed and realized in the world.
  • I know and believe, that every client is here to fulfill their heart’s desire and live a life they “absolutely LOVE living!”
  • I know and believe, that the dream in our client’s heart really can become the life they absolutely LOVE living!